Keep the cores off your greens and your crew ahead of schedule

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Aerification is nobody’s favorite chore on the golf course. With the CoreMax48 you can eliminate back-breaking work all while rebuilding your greens through aerification!

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Rebuild Greens Through Aerification

The CoreMax48’s versatility has been designed to meet any agronomic impact and productivity curve desired by Turf professionals. Our 18, 24, 30 and 36 tine HDPE Turf Guard Mats allows for aggressive removal and capture of physical and vegetative material from the root zone.  CoreMax48 core collection box provides full collection of physical fines preventing contamination.  Cores NEVER hit the turf.

Make Your Aerification Shovel-Free

With only a minimum of 3 crew members per machine allows you to complete other maintenance projects during aerification time. Additionally the CoreMax48 core collection saves your crew the back-breaking work of constant shoveling.

Increase Sand Uptake By 30%

HDPE turf guard mats provide critical surface stabilization to provide the highest aerificaiton hole, eliminate bridging and provide a full channel to fill with quality new sand.

Take the Negativity Out of Aerification

Pulling cores is an important agronomic practice but can be inconvenient to club members and the golfing publics. CoreMax48 reduces this negative connotation and angst by allowing supertintendents to accomplish his aerificaiton tasks on scheduled dates due to lessening weather dynamics. CoreMax48 also accelerates the turf’s recuperative capacity, putting it back into play faster.

Versatility Of Use

CoreMax48 enhances solid tine venting maintenance procedures due to root shear reduction from the HDPE turf guard mats. The stabilization that the mat provides allows for the vent hole to remain open minimizing the need for additional rolling to provide playing conditions.

Navigates Most Terrain

Unlike any other box collection unit CoreMax48 can back up on a green. CoreMax48 can also navigate most architectural undulations and maintain forward spacing settings at core collection box thresholds.

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