Leave risk where it belongs – in the game.

ECO6 injects consistency and control.

The latest in advanced control panels, the ECO6 features a 10-inch, touch screen for easily inputting usage and control settings.

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Spraying made fast and easy with the Mix Transfer System.

Technology takes the heat off your fairway spray applications with the ultimate in efficiency and consistency — the Ecotronics Mix Transfer System.

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Track every task on your course in a fraction of the time.

Labor consumes 50% to 60% of your budget. Where’s the money going? taskTracker digital work board effortlessly manages your teams.

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Technology takes center stage and elevates every operation’s performance.

Early on, SynaTek recognized the value of technology’s role in accelerating the growth of our customers’ businesses. Ecotronics became our company’s equipment technology arm. Control panels that manage the injection of nutrients and water quality amendments through irrigation became the first offering. Over the years a suite of products have grown under the Ecotronics umbrella — mix transfer systems, labor management software, equipment advances … with exciting developments on the horizon.

Keenly aware that the cost of accessing these technologies can strain capital budgets, Ecotronics has tapped into the SynaTek Partnership Points Program. The Program credits you for the products you are already buying. You can then use those accrued credits to acquire the technology you need at little or no cost.

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